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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between wet or steam extraction and HOST dry extraction?

Most other choices in our industry are either wet or very wet; meaning they use lots of water to clean with but not so much vacuum power to remove that water.  Therefore, they leave many rooms wet with detergents and rinse agents.  Dry time could be 2 – 10 hours!

HOST dry extraction process does not use water.  We use HOST sponges which look like brown sugar in your hand and but when squeezed hard might produce less than 1 teaspoon of liquid.  These sponges are spread about the room in small piles and agitated into the carpet fibers with machines that have 2 counter rotating brushes on them.  We clean in a tight pattern, thereby cleaning all the sides of a room carpet strand.  As we clean, the solvents in the sponges breakdown the soils and the sponges absorb them like wiping a counter with a sponge.  Finally, we go back over the carpets a third time vacuuming away the sponges filled with soils and leaving your room clean, fresh, dry and ready for immediate use.

  1. What about pet spots?  Does HOST sponges remove them?

For pet spots in a room, we first dry vacuum the complete room so that we might better see where the issues are.  Then we treat each pet spot with an enzyme product to loosen the spot and then with an added handful of sponge, we scrub the spot area clean and vacuum all away.

  1. Do you move furniture?

Yes.  We do move furniture because our thought is that we are there to clean the entire room… we do not move beds or dressers which come all the way to the floor.  We however go into all closets, move chairs, sofas, end tables, and smaller chests and clean under them placing them back to their original place after the carpet cleaning is complete.

  1. Is the Host method more expensive than wet or steam carpet cleaners?

HOST is comparable to all of the most familiar named carpet cleaners like Stanley Steemer, ChemDry. ZeroRez or Naturally Clean.  An average Alpharetta home with four bedrooms, 2 sets of stairs, 2 kids’ rooms, family room and office will cost approximately $325.  There are no additional or hidden costs.

  1. What else do you clean?

We clean most upholstery—sofas, side chairs, dining room chairs, ottomans, love seats, headboards, and some draperies.  For this we use a special machine which cleans using green chemicals and cold water.

We also clean and resurface hardwood floors without sanding.  If your floors have lost that “great” look they once had, ask us about wood floor restoration.  The costs run from $.95 – $1.25 per square foot.  This method does not change the stain color, it only improves the look of your existing.

Finally, we also clean area rugs onsite.  Since we use a dry product we can clean all area rugs right on top of your wood floors without any wet or moisture problems.  The costs rum about $.85 – $1.25 per square foot.

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