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Commercial Cleaning Services

Positively Perfect Solutions has developed specific cleaning systems and maintenance plans to tackle many common scenarios.

Commercial Cleaning for Hotels

Commercial Cleaning for HotelsAt Positively Perfect Solutions, we offer a room cleaning package which includes: cleaning the walk areas of the room, the grouted tile in the bathroom, and any upholstered furniture as needed. Your price for room cleaning is $60 each. This may seem high on the face of it, but individually these might run $100-$135. We have a minimum goal of 10 rooms on a given day; clean and dry ready to rent out by 4:00 p.m. each day.

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Commercial Cleaning for Business/Medical Offices

Commercial Cleaning for Business/Medical OfficesIt seems like today the newest thing for commercial offices is the use of vinyl backed carpet squares to create patterns and professional that will look great for years. The only drawback is that carpet squares do not react well to any sort of wet cleaning including bonneting, encapsulation, low moisture and wet extraction, all very different types of carpet cleaning.

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Commercial Cleaning for High Rise Condominiums

Commercial Cleaning for High Rise CondominiumsBecause of that, Atlanta midtown and Buckhead and downtown have many midrise condos up to 8 floors. And many of the high rise condos are going as high as 40 floors. Cleaning in these condos is of course not within the wheelhouse of truck-mounted units (which would leave out 80% of the carpet companies around Atlanta.)

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Commercial Cleaning for Senior Living

Commercial Cleaning for Senior LivingBecause of this we believe the industry will move towards luxury vinyl time for durability and ease of movement for wheelchairs. This trend will cause methods to change as LVT is usually a grouted in product. HOST Dry can clean these textured vinyl tiles without leaving any water residue –the grout lines will be clean and slip-free and ready for immediate use. We can provide a method or plan to use each week and every month of the year to maintain your facility.

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Commercial Cleaning for Churches

Commercial Cleaning for ChurchesHOST Dry Extraction can clean all those areas while people are there leaving little or no moisture behind getting those areas back into service all the while keeping them cleaner. HOST eliminates the need to clean every square foot in every space and therefore more square feet can be cleaned at a time. Th average cleaning per shift per machine is 5,000 – 10,000 square feet. With this ability the church can be Rotation cleaned every 3 months keeping the areas clean and ready for member use each Sunday.

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